Mergers and acquisitions

Planning on a merger or acquisition? Don't forget the data

The best negotiated deal, the most carefully worded contract, will not deliver the desired results if the two entities cannot work together peacefully... and reasonably quickly after the deal is completed. Questions abound. Centralize or maintain distributed systems and synch at intervals - and how?


Information Management

Bringing new ideas to life - Web Engineering

We design and build innovative web applications - to be reliable, scalable, secure and easily supportable.

Web engineering is a multi-disciplinary process involving a complex mix of software tools, human factors engineering, skills, techniques, databases, programming languages, standards and protocols. We present ourselves as experts in the integration of web components and data. (We make them work and play well together ;-).

Accelerate your project - TCOB

Experienced and knowledgeable "A-team" members focus on your goals and get things done. Engagements are tailored to your needs. Seasonal, long-term or temporary. We travel, we teach, we work remotely.
Take advantage of our experience and innovative software tools to accelerate your IT project.

Strategy and Analyses:

Research, study and analyses, planning and design in support of Enterprise, Departmental and Security oriented IT initiatives.
We participate in disaster abatement planning, data warehouse planning, proof of concept and feasibility studies, governance and compliance, technology integration, security assessment and data forensics.

Rapid design, rapid delivery

We are proponents of RAD technologies and techniques that accelerate the design and development of enterprise quality applications.

Feasibility studies

We participate in "proof-of-concept" studies to determine whether or not a process, design, procedure, or plan can be successfully accomplished... from planning, to building functional prototype applications.

Data Services:

We know data. We map it, we move it, we transform, deliver and support it - following recogized standards, rules and protocols.
Aggregation, Analysis, Automation, Consolidation, Extraction, Filtration, Integration, Migration and Transmission.

Soft, unstructured data often defies categorization:

yet the need to maintain a centralized secure pool of documents, notes, and reference materials is essential. Soft data is the "stuff" that doesn't fit the normal confines of data fields.


Event and Membership Services... Service in the Cloud

Particularly suited for managing the information needs of professional groups and associations as a "cloud-based" environment, EMS supports public areas that anyone can view, and a private, secure area, restricted to members with a registered login and password. Particular attention is paid to managing Events, conferences and the needs of the membership.


Pick/U2 Extended relational Database

We are leaders in the support of the multi-dimensional database model, and provide a full range of engineering services and middleware focused on the unique needs of the Pick/U2 community.

Educational Facilities

We offer an extensive learning curriculum for managers, team leaders, programmers and designers using or investigating new technologies and alternatives.

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      Our Credentials

    On-line, real-time, 24x7

    Architecture, development and support of high availability systems that are on-line 24x7. Cloud client and host-based enterprise service applications.

    Database Integration

    MS/SQL, Progress, mySQL, DB2, Oracle, Relational, ISAM, Multi-dimensional, Pick/U2, noSQL

    Web server integration

    AJAX, HTML, Java Script, Java, CSS, Apache, IIS

    Operating system Support

    AIX, unix/linux and Windows in distributed, multi-tier client-server environments


    Communications protocols include Asynch, ASCII, 3270, TCP/IP, SSH, Kermit, FTP, SFTP, DHCP, DNS, PTP, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP and others. Encryption supported.

    XML messaging as well as Health Industry formats including NCPDP, X12, HL7 and others.

    User interface Development

    Applications, supporting iPhone, Android, Blackberry, .NET (VB / C#), JAVA, PYTHON, as well as AJAX, HTML, HTML5, DHTML, DHTMLX and Zapotec.

    Custom development

    We specialize in custom engineered software solutions.

    Software Solutions

    Middleware Solutions

    Nucleus Technology, provides key infrastructure components that accelerate the idea to implementation process.

    Business Office Support Services

    A full range of business applications including billing and collections, purchasing and receiving, inventory controls, web sales, management tools and ...more...