Nucleus Technology from Binarystar Systems offers an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that facilitates development, deployment and operation of Mission Critical, Enterprise Level software applications.


Traditional IT projects often failed because business conditions changed before applications were delivered.
Using Nucleus Rapid Delivery Technology, working components can be delivered - and implemented, often on a daily basis. .

Accelerate the concept to implementation cycle:

Working prototypes can be quickly created - minutes in some cases. Refinements such as validations, secure lookups and "Drill-downs" are easily added. Implementation schedules improve as end-users and managers participate in the design process, defining their needs, testing, making suggestions and validating logic.

Implementation goes faster:

With everyone on-board, implementation goes faster and help-desk calls are minimal.

Progress updates and enhancement requests can be automatically routed to members of development teams as a project progresses, keeping everyone "in the loop".

Evolutionary Prototyping - collaborative design:

Nucleus Rapid Delivery prototypes are evolutionary, in that the designs are operational - never "throw-aways"
  • Design is rapid, often based on existing files
  • Applications are easily enhanced (Polished)
  • Rollout to production after QA (Quality Assurance)
  • Life-cycle controls are "built-in"
  • Audit trails and traceabilty
  • Mitigate risk:

    Nucleus Rapid Delivery Technology enables an organization to quickly address the requirements of new laws and changing mandates... mitigating the risks of non-compliance.

    Accelerate your delivery cycle: