Business Office Support Services (BOSS)

BOSS on-demand software services, offer essential systems infrastructure for managing sales, purchasing, receiving, inventory and accounting for the small, medium or large distributive business... for those who need more than "off-the-shelf" systems provide.

Business Office Support Services (BOSS) from Binarystar, offers a practical alternative to enterprise software packages that may cost more than a half-million to build and require a full-time support staff.

We encourage business owners to focus on running a lean, productive and profitable business. We reason, that your expertise is in running your business.

Sales and Order Fulfillment

Sales and order fulfillment are seamlessly integrated with a full compliment of secure, business office accounting and management services.

BOSS Catalog facilities support extensive interactive web catalogs that may include upwards of a million items and hundreds of product categories from thousands of vendors.

BOSS services include application support, help desk, security firewalls and automated backups. Information is accessible from anywhere you can plug-in a laptop or connect a smart phone. Feeds for your favorite Financial packages are available.

Custom configurations and options are supported.

Core Components

Web Portal:

BOSS offers a comprehensive information management infrastructure, for the web based or "bricks and mortar" distributor. Almost everything a Dot Com needs to do business other than the people and the goods. BOSS can quickly put your catalog and your business on-line.

Accounts Receivable:

Accounts Receivable (A/R) provides a complete and accurate record of each transaction affecting customer balances. Automation from Order entry to invoice and statement streamlines the workflow, improves cash-flow and reduces credit-risk.

Accounts Payable:

Facilitates the timely payment of invoices for goods and services from vendors and service providers. A wide variety of controls including the segregation of duties, are provided to prevent fraud, embezzlement and collusion among payables personnel.

Sales Orders/Order entry:

The order entry system facilitates the process of taking orders for customers, ensuring that orders are processed quickly and accurately. The order-entry process is fully integrated with both accounting and inventory, so that as an order is confirmed, invoices are created, accounts receivable records are automatically updated and perpetual inventory levels are maintained in real-time.


The purchasing system provides an orderly mechanism for managing and controlling the purchase of goods and services and ensuring that terms, prices and quantities shipped agree with the original order. This process is fully integrated with both accounting and inventory, so that as a purchase order is issued, inventory quantities on order are updated and an accounts payable voucher record is created. As goods are received, perpetual inventory levels are maintained in real-time.

General Ledger:

The BOSS General ledger provides an exceptional repository for accounting data. It is fed by the various subsidiary ledgers including: Adjusting Entries, Physical Inventory, Cost file adjustments, Cash Receipts, Inventory, Journal Entries, Sales, and Warranty returns. Custom reports are easily configured with an extensive variety of options.

Sales reporting:

Sales reports are the lifeblood of every marketing and distribution operation, providing key performance indicators (KPI) that monitor performance and provide an array of vital information for setting sales goals, enhancing sales and improving operational efficiency.

Inventory Control

Full-function warehouse management and inventory control system designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized companies with medium to large transaction volumes and sophisticated warehouse practices. Designed to support a goods catalog with a million or more items, hundreds of warehouses and thousands of vendors.

Our focus

Our focus is distributive industries - wholesale and retail, web and storefront.

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If you are looking for more than quick-books and pie charts, we urge you to look into BOSS services.
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Service models:

Enterprise model

BOSS runs on your hardware, either local or remotely hosted

SaaS - Software_as_a_Service model

Leased solution including hardware, software and services

Cloud model

Secure, Internet based with remotely hosted servers

Efficient and Effective

Optomized entry processes

Data entry processes are optimized to provide fast and accurate entries. Relational file structures reduce or eliminate the need for duplicate entries of information. Exception reports reduce management effort required to research information.

High-speed data entry

A high-speed "text based" user interface is available for fast, "heads-down", "mouseless", "keep your hands on the keyboard" data entry.



Operators accessing the system are required to have a currently valid (and unique) LOGON ID, and password. Each user is assigned group and task permissions that can permit or deny access to programs and sensitive data. Individual tasks can be specifically authorized or denied. Change and access controls can be initiated to provide audit trails of access to accounts, data files, verbs, menus etc., to comply with governance requirements and/or policy.

Change control

Change and access controls can be initiated to provide audit trails of access to accounts, data files, verbs, menus etc., to comply with governance requirements and/or policy.


Financial Policy Template

Prior to the implementation of any accounting application, financial policies must be adopted. We offer this financial policy template as a check list for your review.

Customization and Modification

Modifications can be made to accommodate specific Franchise, Market or management style of any distributor, domestic or international.

Training and support

On-site BOSS training, implementation and support is available worldwide. Help desk support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.