Service in the Cloud

Membership and Dues Management

EMS supports the information management needs of professional groups and associations, focusing on membership, dues collection, newsletter distribution and member notifications. Automate time-consuming tasks, improve membership management, sponsorship and renewals.

Track and report on new memberships, renewals, and expirations. Grow your membership base and boost retention.

Event and Conference management

Extensive focus is placed on managing Events and educational conferences. Conference and class scheduling, speaker write-ups, class write-ups, conference promotion, attendance controls, Booth sales and management, Logistics and shipping controls... From concept to completion

E-commerce solution

BinaryStar provides complete e-commerce solutions for professional groups and associations, with newsletter management, event calendar management, membership directory, dues invoicing and on-line payment, receivables and payables controls, event and conference accounting.

No adverts, no pop-ups

Taking advantage of improved e-commerce tools and social networking we are able to provide an environment specifically dedicated to the needs of your organization, focused on your needs so that you are not bombarded with adverts and pop-ups.

Public and private access

As a "cloud-based" environment, EMS supports a public area accessable from anywhere, by anyone. A private, secure area, is also provided that is accessible only by authorized members with a valid login and password. Smart phone support.

Safe from prying eyes

EMS offers a professional, private environment away from the public, protected from Google, isolated from Facebook and dedicated to serving your needs and not selling your profile to advertisers.

    End to end Integration

    Complete end-to-end integration of IT services related to the merging of separate business units or operating divisions.

    Conversions and migrations

    Data conversion and migration between environments, including MS/SQL, Progress, mySQL, DB2, Oracle, Relational, ISAM, Multi-dimensional, Pick/U2, noSQL

    Legacy modernization

    We provide a full range of IT modernization services including user-interface enhancement, electronic data interchange (EDI) automation, security, compliance and audit controls.

    IT Services

    Social Media site development, Wiki support, Data transport and transformation, membership management, Human Resources, software engineering and design, site support

    Demo and detail

    Details and demonstrations are available on request.

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