Soft Data

Soft data does not fit the normal confines of data fields

Soft data includes the "glue" that holds everything together - the manuals, the specs, tech-tips, policy and procedure. It is the "Stuff" that keeps things moving - the check-lists, field notes, job postings and announcements, service notes and surveys.

It is essential to have an accessible yet secure, centrally managed document pool.

Centralized Repository:

NuWiki from Binarystar stores documents as soft DATA, fully indexed, in a centralized pool, or repository, that can be accessed from anywhere on the web, or secured (and made very very private).


Security can be fine tuned according to a granular, multi-layered security profile. Every access is logged and and every change is fully traceable from inception. NuWiki can run securely in your local network, or securely "in the cloud'.

Public access:

Web based access to the public can be provided for any non-sensitive materials. Publish promotional documents, literature, policy or support documentation, tech-tips and customer service information. Comments, notes and attachments can be captured.

Non-Technical Publishing:

Non-technical personnel can use NuWiki to publish privately or on the web, following your protocols and approval processes. The results of vetted changes can be published immediately, in real-time, security permitting.

When time is of the essence

Gain the benefits of NuWiki without having to wait for web-designers or technical personnel.


Think "super-linked-hypertext-information" accessible with a web browser - and totally under your control, not Google's. NuWiki automatically builds private indices, making any topic easily accessible (security permitting).

Stringent WhoDo:

Hierarchal, multi-layered security controls ALL access. Changes made to any page or topic, are fully auditable. Each change details the date, time and userID as well as the before and after versions - from inception.

Inviolate is not a color:

ALL or specific portions of documents can be made inviolate, where change is denied, specifically preserving the integrity of a secured area within the document. Elsewhere in the document, modifications and notations can continue to be made, if the user's profile allows.

Governance Audit and Reporting:

NuWiki resolves control, audit, reporting and security demands imposed by regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and others. Every access or change to a document leaves an audit trail of who did what, when - with details.

Access controls:

At the database level, access is ONLY permitted to authorized, trained and certified technicians. All activity originating at the database level is logged, parsed, interrogated and validated against the technicians security profile - and denied to the technician if not specifically authorized.

Unified change control strategy:

NuWiki enforces a structured, unified change control strategy involving any change or modification. Version control is maintained for every document managed under NuWiki. Previous versions can be reviewed and compared, highlighting differences at any stage along the life-cycle of a document.

    Hard data

    Managing hard data the easy way

    NuWiki offers an extreme shortcut in deploying a web form. Examples include:
    An employee form
    An interactive contract listing
    A secure vendor inquiry form.


    Oversight facilities

    Oversight facilities enable focusing on any facet of any action performed at the database level by any user during any period of time, originating from any location.

    Tinker logs

    Tinker logs can be automatically forwarded via ftp or email.

    Change logs

    Change logs can be automatically forwarded according to a schedule of filters and triggers, via ftp or email, to your distribution list(s), satisfying internal and external reporting requirements.

    Controls offered

    Fine granularity enables controls for project, user Class, or document class. Access can be granted or denied to specific document classes or named documents. Groups of users or individual users can be blacklisted or denied access during specifc dates and/or times.

    Authorship and the ability to read, make changes or only add notations can be controlled through protocol and configuration.


    Confidentiality can be maintained for a variety of intellectual properties, reference materials and private documents segregated in a secure environment following established protocol.

    Configuration options:

    Extensive configuration, hosting, security, data integration and fail-safe options are available.

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