Proof of Concept studies:

BinaryStar Professional Services can assist in "proof-of-concept" studies to evaluate the validity and practicality of design concepts or ideas.

What is a Feasibility Study?

... to determine whether or not a process, design, procedure, or plan can be successfully accomplished in the required time frame, given a pre-determined set of resources including: Money, Computing resources and Personnel.

A feasibility study often involves a "proof-of-concept" in the development of a prototype application to test a premise or concept. A feasibility study or "pilot project" is a cost-reduction strategy.

Prototyping and Design:

The purpose of a prototype is to allow users of the software to evaluate proposals for the design of the eventual product by actually trying them out, rather than having to interpret and evaluate a design based on "words"... seeing is believing.

Evolutionary prototyping

Evolutionary prototyping is an approach to system development where an initial "mock-up" or prototype is produced and refined through a number of stages to achieve a final system. The objective of evolutionary prototyping is to deliver a working system.

Not only is the system more likely to meet user requirements after evolutionary prototyping, users are more likely to commit to the use of the system because of their involvement and knowing that it addresses their needs.

Prototyping benefits:

Designers and implementers get feedback from users early in the project and needs are resolved during the development process, not after.

Prototyping provides the software engineers insight into the accuracy of initial project estimates and whether the deadlines and milestones proposed can be met successfully.

Scope and fit

Using Nucleus Technology, developers can quickly prototype applications to evaluate "scope" and "fit" of a proposed application or methodology.

Functional applications

Evolutionary prototypes developed using Nucleus can be readily modified and enhanced to produce fully functional applications including effective "business rules", integrated help, drill-downs, look-ups and validations.

  Our Credentials

    On-line, real-time, 24x7

    Architecture and development of high availability systems that are on-line 24x7. Cloud client and host-based enterprise service applications.

    Database Integration

    MS/SQL, Progress, mySQL, DB2, Oracle, Relational, ISAM, Multi-dimensional, Pick/U2, noSQL

    Web server integration

    AJAX, HTML, Java Script, Java, CSS, Apache, IIS

    Operating system Support

    AIX, unix/linux and Windows in distributed, multi-tier client-server environments


    Communications protocols include Asynch, ASCII, 3270, TCP/IP, SSH, Kermit, FTP, SFTP, DHCP, DNS, PTP, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP and others. Encryption supported.

    XML messaging as well as Health Industry formats including NCPDP, X12, HL7 and others.

    User interface Development

    Applications, supporting iPhone, Android, Blackberry, .NET (VB / C#), JAVA, PYTHON, as well as AJAX and HTML5.

    Pick/U2 Extended relational Database

    We are leaders in the support of the multi-dimensional database model, and provide a full range of services addressing the unique needs of the Pick/U2 community.