Data Interchange:


The interchange of data between business partners and organizational divisions, among diverse databases is essential in today's interconnected world.

The manual effort required to keep up with spec changes, new partners and providers seems to grow exponentially.

Automation and protocol:

Nucleus Technology enables automating the interchange of information between systems.

In concert with open source Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) facilities such as Mirth, complex transfers and processing can be automated, following protocols including XML, EX4, HL7 and others.

Data channels and connectors

Multiple data channels can be implemented for both incoming and outgoing data. Message processing flows can include the aggregation, transformation and migration of data - from many to one, from one to many or from one system to another.


Interface channels can be implemented incorporating filter rules and transformation steps using an intuitive drag-and-drop template-based editor.

Real-time connection monitoring and message reprocessing supports a variety of messaging protocols for connecting to external systems.


Encrypted and secure processes can be initiated to retrieve, transform and transmit data using industry standard protocols.

Processes can run according to predefined conditions or according to a pre-defined schedule... saving configuration, programming and monitoring time.

  Our Credentials

    On-line, real-time, 24x7

    Architecture and development of high availability systems that are on-line 24x7. Cloud client and host-based enterprise service applications.

    Database Integration

    MS/SQL, Progress, mySQL, DB2, Oracle, Relational, ISAM, Multi-dimensional, Pick/U2, noSQL

    Operating system Support

    AIX, unix/linux and Windows in distributed, multi-tier client-server environments


    Communications protocols include Asynch, ASCII, 3270, TCP/IP, SSH, Kermit, FTP, SFTP, DHCP, DNS, PTP, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP and others. Encryption supported.

    XML messaging as well as Health Industry formats including NCPDP, X12, HL7 and others.

    Pick/U2 Extended relational Database

    We are leaders in the support of the multi-dimensional database model, and provide a full range of services addressing the unique needs of the Pick/U2 community.

    Hadoop mining

    Producing intelligence from large-scale unstructured data using Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Zookeeper and related technologies.