Forensic Services

Collection and analysis of digital data

Binary Star assists law firms and business in the collection and analysis of digital data which may be submitted as evidence.

Expert witness and testimony

We provide expert testimony and presentation in the courtroom.
  • Class action: pre-qualification and class certification
  • Copyright infringement
  • Testimony and in-court presentation
  • Computer forensics

    Computer forensics also known as data forensics, involves the identification, collection, analysis and reporting of data from digital sources for use as potential legal evidence.

    Civil cases involving fraud, harassment, discrimination, copyright infringement, Intellectual property, trade secrets and disclosure of privileged and private information, rely heavily on computer forensics.

    Protocol development

    • Access protocols and conditions
    • Selection and search criteria
    • Chain of authority

    Investigation and analyses

    • Sample testing and data modeling
    • System mapping: files, programs and data
    • Statistical analyses

    Investigative tools and utilities

    We maintain an extensive library of investigative utilities to capture, collate, categorize and analyze digitally stored information and program files.
    Pattern matching and recognition
    Indexing, notation and cross referencing
    Word count, Word find, Word associations
    Sampling and correlation
    Presentation, reporting and analysis facilities for the courtroom

    Database forensics and analytics

    Specialists in database systems including relational, post-relational and extended-relational, including:
    Pick/D3, UniVerse, UniData, Reality, QM Professional, R91, MvBase, Prime, Mentor, Mentor PRO, Sequoia, Fujitsu, Sanyo/Icon, UniVision, mvEnterprise, SQL, Oracle, DB2 and others

      Our Credentials

      On-line, real-time, 24x7

      Architecture and development of high availability systems that are on-line 24x7. Cloud client and host-based enterprise service applications.

      Database Integration

      MS/SQL, Progress, mySQL, DB2, Oracle, Relational, ISAM, Multi-dimensional, Pick/U2, noSQL

      Web server integration

      AJAX, HTML, Java Script, Java, CSS, Apache, IIS

      Operating system Support

      AIX, unix/linux and Windows in distributed, multi-tier client-server environments


      Communications protocols include Asynch, ASCII, 3270, TCP/IP, SSH, Kermit, FTP, SFTP, DHCP, DNS, PTP, HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP and others. Encryption supported.

      XML messaging as well as Health Industry formats including NCPDP, X12, HL7 and others.

      Hadoop mining

      Producing intelligence from large-scale unstructured data using Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Zookeeper and related open-source technologies.

      Pick/U2 Extended relational Database

      We are leaders in the support of the multi-dimensional database model, and provide a full range of services addressing the unique needs of the Pick/U2 community.