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You know that your "tried-and-true" Pick/U2 applications work - but it's getting tougher to sell and support them in a world accustomed to the glitter of Windows.
Nucleus Technology provides a practical way to modernize traditional Pick/U2 (Multi-Value) applications without being forced to discard years of investment.
Nucleus applications offer the use of a variety of user interfaces, without divergent coding. The same retrieval, display and update logic applies for all supported user interfaces, including Smart Phone, iPhone, Web Browser, dotNet, Accuterm GUI and others.
Nucleus Technology offers a developer a user-friendly environment with an incredibly short learning curve that can enhance developer productivity by 500% or more.
Nucleus Technology:
  • Transform traditional applications into modern, SOX compliant, user friendly systems
  • GUI, Web Browser and character mode applications are supported by a single code-set
  • A consistent framework accelerates development and minimizes support requirements
  • Built-in data warehousing support simplifies integration of Business Intelligence tools
  • Migration facilities assist conversion
  • Cross-platform and cross-database support
  • Integrated version and change propagation controls
  • Easily supported, easily managed, easily audited, easily secured
  • Excellent margins for developers
A remarkable consistency of operation coupled with easily integrated validations and error checking capabilities can reduce calls to your support desk and improve customer retention. Look-ups and searches, drill-downs and integrated help are easily implemented, improving both operator productivity and sales opportunities.
Discover how...
Discover how Nucleus Technology can extend the life of existing applications, accelerate new development and simplify support. Please call toll-free (866) 882-1888 or +1 (954) 791-8575 for a confidential, no-obligation demonstration of how Nucleus Technology can revitalize your applications.

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