What clients have said

Armstrong-Jones / Investa New Zealand

I am even more impressed with the product than the last time I used it about 6 years ago. What makes it unique for any 4GL that I have used in both the Pick market and non-Pick market is that the developers of Nucleus are prepared to support, enhance and adapt their product to assist developers such as myself. With too many 4GL's I have used or trained with, the product is what it is, warts and all, and if you as a developer don't like it then the vendors reaction is to tell you to bugger off. That might be fine in the USA where there are alternatives, but for a remote developer, like myself in NZ, I expect to at least be able to communicate with the vendors, discuss my issues and hopefully make a valid case for having the product change to meet my needs.

As for the product itself, the applications it produces are as adaptable as any product you could wish for. The design process is simple, elegant and provides the hooks for any out of the ordinary extras any developer may require. All in all, I'm impressed with Nucleus.
Graeme McGillivray, Senior software architect.

Serta Mattress Company, Hoffman Estates Illinois

MvLaser from Binary Star made it easy for us to create laser shipping labels. We run two large servers with over 200 printers and MvLaser works for us every day.
Donna Zett, IT Director

Cross Media Marketing, Atlanta Georgia

Oooh..., Ahhh..., Wow. You mean I can do that without programming?
Steve Guthman, CIO,

Hyflo, Pretoria, South Africa.

I want to thank you - Nucleus SCCS saved my ass big time ! We lost a whole bunch of stuff due to a disk crash, but the SCCS LIBRARY was sitting on another disk, and still contains all the most recent code ! What a life saver !
Mark Rogers, Hyflo, Pretoria, South Africa.

City of Belle Glade, Florida

We chose Nucleus because it could help us to quickly re-engineer our applications without forcing us to re-write everything from scratch. Nucleus made it easy to replace the programming we lost after migration from McDonnel Douglas proprietary software to jBASE.
Fred Myers, IT Director

Quick International Courier, Manhattan

System operators using Nucleus screens can now be trained in weeks rather than months in our old applications. We were able to recover our investment in Nucleus by the reduction in training time alone.
Eric Bischoff, Chief Technical Officer.

U.S. Home Systems, Lewisville Texas

If it wasn't for Nucleus Technology, I couldn't keep up with the constant change and growth in our company. We have grown from 5 offices to over 56 and expect to have more than 65 offices by the end of next year. Thanks, BinaryStar for an easily managed software development system and your top-notch support.
Becky Piel, Enterprise IT Director.

Northgate Arinso worldwide

I'd just like to say thanks for a very enjoyable and informative class over the last couple of days. Speaking with the team I know that everyone learnt a lot and this will put us in a great position to move rapidly forward with the prospects that we have. Mark Fuller Vice President

Comprehensive Computer Services, Inc, Melville, New York.

Amazing product guys! Matt Stern, CEO.

Realtime Software Bernardston, Massachusetts.

"Nucleus is positively amazing. This has great potential for us." To think that we can convert our RPL applications to Nucleus will give us a new and very sellable solution that's far easier to manage than what we are doing now. ...a multitude of user interface options...Nucleus even looks good on a dumb terminal. Tom Walker, VP Sales,

BAI systems Atlanta Georgia.

"I'm just shocked. It's really beyond words. Nucleus Technology makes hard work easy!"
R. Kiesling, Chief Technical Officer

STL-Savannah Laboratories Savannah, Georgia

The email package is working great. All employees now have Nucleus email addresses and are reporting that they are able to be more productive while not being distracted by phone calls or spam email. The Nucleus mail package alone has made Nucleus well worth the initial investment. Larry E. Phillips, LIMS Manager,

Datalex (UK)

The Nucleus/NRG Graphic User Interface - "It's too good to be true, and you can quote me on that". Simon Carter, VP development.

Axion Systems, Portland Washington

Nucleus is a very convenient tool to work with and gives us an amazing ability to control our code. We know exactly how things are going to work, as there is no divergence between text mode and GUI. Richard Greiling, senior architect.

Abest systems group

The value of the Nucleus environment goes far beyond its use as a capable programmer workbench...greater than the benefits of improving programmer productivity or making applications simply look and work better.
Mike Shebesta, President

Quant-M Corporation. Buffalo, New York

When I think of how much time I literally wasted doing what would have taken no time at all with Nucleus, it is almost frustrating. In fact, it would be frustrating to set forth on a new project, knowing how much more effective one can be with Nucleus Technology. ... a truly amazing product. Donald J. Goodwill, president

Orbit Irrigation Bountiful, Utah

We recently purchased MvLaser and contracted with your professional services group to create a custom Bill of Lading form for us. Everything is working wonderfully, thanks.
Bryan Evans, IT Director

  Who Works With Us

  • Quick-International Courier
    Binary Star was selected in 1997 as a strategic infrastructure partner by Quick International Courier, a pioneer in specialty courier services. Quick provides next-flight out logistics services to and from every country in the world for goods ranging from aircraft wings and engines to live organs and body parts for transplant. Back Office Support Services (BOSS) from BinaryStar enable QIC to manage the world-wide logistics and warehousing for manufacturers of specialized medical equipment and pharmaceutical products. The Quick Online division provides a full range of secure, logistics information management services for more than 2,500,000 information partners world-wide, based on Nucleus Technology from BinaryStar.
  • U.S. Home Systems

    manufactures designs, sells and installs custom kitchen and bathroom cabinet refacing products and organizational storage systems. U.S. Home Systems serves The Home Depot in 42 markets covering 27 states, with its kitchen products available in more than 1,600 Home Depot stores. BinaryStar has provided Sarbanes-Oxley controls and governance, web development, security, application development and data automation components for U.S. Home Systems and it's brands since 1995.
  • Hyflo South Africa

     Hyflo is a distributor and manufacturer of Pneumatic and Hydraulic tools, pumps and equipment to mining, energy and heavy-construction industries throughout Africa.
     Hyflo depends on BinaryStar as a key component of their long-term IT database management strategy. A six-week, on-site work-shop successfully prepared local IT staff and consultants in the migration and renovation of their legacy applications library - some dating back more 20 years.
     Nucleus Technology from BinaryStar provides core IT infrastructure for the development, management and support of their host-centric, NoSQL application library.
  • Office of Utility Regulations
     The Office of Utility Regulations (OUR) oversee and regulate electricity, telecommunications, water, sewerage and public transportation for the country of Jamaica.
     Binary Star provided a team-taught, six-week, on-site training and development workshop focusing on data modeling and application development using NoSql technologies, to record, track and transparently process applications for public sector monopoly grants.
     BinaryStar also developed a custom Human Resources application for the OUR.
  • Mont Pelerin Society

     Members of the society include high government officials, Nobel prize recipients, journalists, economists, financial experts, and legal scholars from all over the world, who come regularly together to present the most current analysis of ideas, trends and events.
     BinaryStar provides a full range of "cloud-based" services, including membership, conference and event management, payment processing, accounting, database services and web-hosting for the Society.