Basically, I'm suspicious

I am always suspicious of "software advances." Neither Advanced Pick nor GraPick made my life easier and I expect that "Release X" (where do they get these names?) will be no different. I am also wary of "programming aid" packages. Sure they can be more productive once you learn how to use such a package but the cost, the system overhead, and the learning curve involved have to make you wonder if the software is worth the invewstment. My critical attitude makes it more of a pleasure to report that I've found a 4-GL programming-aid package that is easy to learn and easy to use. Basically, it saves time and makes money for the user. This sofware product is "Nucleus," a product of BinaryStar Systems Inc..

What I found

One of the principals in Binary Star (and the architect of Nucleus) is the brilliant Harvey Rodstein, whose name is familiar to most Pick users through his writing, teaching, and consulting. In Nucleus, Harvey has developed a tool for systems development that must be seen to be appreciated. It has too many advantages to list here but the most impressive is a spectacular increase in productivity and the superior quality of the output.

A vast improvement

Nucleus is a vast improvement for creating a system including all input screens, detailed edit capabilities, and levels of security that boggle the mind. Most systems that one can imagine can be prototyped quickly: in a few days at most. I have seen one application that originally took months to develop with ordinary programming methods; it was redone in three days with Nucleus. And the Nucleus version had better screens (in color), standardized input conventions, improved editing, and vastly improved security. Nucleus does not use much space itself nor does it generate much system overhead with its output; the Nucleus output is guaranteed to take up less space than conventional code.

Make More money, Do less work

I have no investment interest in Binary Star Development nor am I being paid to give this evaluation. I'm just so impressed with Rodstein's work, that I would like others to see Nucleus and judge it personally. While this software is great for any user (in my opinion), it is of overwhelming value to sofware developers. One can turn out work in minutes and hours that normally takes days and weeks. De-bugging is virtually eliminated. Even if a software firm charged for less than the time uit normally billed, the company would still make more money with less work.


Maintenance is a snap; it is almost ridiculous how easily input programs are maintained, including the most complicated formats, colors, edits, multi-values and levels of security. Software developers can put a version of Nucleus on a user's machine to run the Nucleus-generated code without the ability to make changes. This means that, unless a competitor also used Nucleus, the firm's customers are "locked-in" to the software developer. There is no source/object code for other software developers to decompile or change. Space restrictions don't allow me to explain how that works, but take my word for it until you see Nucleus for yourself.

Short learning curve

It takes 3 days of class for a Pick programmer to become productive with Nucleus; programmers make up those 3 days in no time once they use it. Nucleus supports all kinds of terminals, and in general, most Pick/U2-like environments. Harvey Rodstein's business partner in Nucleus is Lee Bacall; Lee handles the business end of the operation. To learn more about Nucleus, call Lee Bacall at Binarystar, toll-free in the USA at (866) 882-1888 or +1 (954) 791-8575.

A big surprise

I am a confirmed "show-me" person. I don't give endorsements lightly, nor do I accept pay for doing so. But it's a pleasure to recommend software that is so innovative, so simple to use, and so effective in saving time and making money. Harvey has always been a data processing genius in my opinion; anyone who knows him will testify to his deep and wide DP knowledge and experience. Even so, Nucleus surprised me because it has the same outstanding characteristic that made Pick itself a success. Nucleus is easy to use, increases one's productivity exponentially, and the output is very beneficial in many ways. See Nucleus for yourslef. You'll love it. Nice going, Harvey!


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