A Wiki Is

Sharing knowledge

For those who don't know, a Wiki, is an easily managed, fully indexed, hyper-linked easily searchable infrastructure for sharing knowledge and content that can knit together disparate internal resources often found in lengthy Word documents and hand-written notes scattered across various departments.

In simpler terms, a Wiki is simply a Web page that readers can change and comment upon.

Communication between partners

A Wiki can serve as an important communication medium between vendors and customers operating in widely differing time-zones. As an example, a distributor of auto parts located in Miami can document detailed production requirements on a Wiki, and twelve hours later the factories in Taipei and Kowloon can respond while the distributors staff is sound asleep. With NuWiki, changes are documented, preserving the integrity of information for all to see. All fully auditable and traceable.

Wiki becomes an important communication tool for sharing knowledge effectively between the various departments in an organization. Where numerous staff "reorganizations" occur, a Wiki will serve as a key step in the transfer of knowledge to new staff members and preserve the knowledge and 'secrets' of retiring or displaced staff members.

A Wiki enables the voice of the people to stand out, cutting across traditional organizational boundaries, where procedures written up by technicians achieve equal stature with those written by the company president.

Self-pollinating and self-policing

A wiki is both self-pollinating and self-policing, the collaborative fruit of the contributions of many. where those who can contribute do, and a source of information for those in need. Training costs are reduced, efficiency improves and the organization becomes tighter knit, benefiting everyone.

Improve meeting efficiency

The efficiency of assembling staff for meetings can be greatly improved with NuWiki. Group members can document their findings for everyone to share and remote staff members can immediately access the action notes and contribute on their own schedule. Travel expenses can be reduced and time often better spent.

The hassle of notifying everyone who should be about the outcome of a meeting is eliminated, as team members can get the very latest information by visiting their NuWiki meeting area for details. Problems associated with lost emails because of changing email addresses and spam filters become a thing of the past.

IT department benefits too!

NuWiki from BinaryStar, can be deployed without requiring the involvement of IT staff or adversely affecting already over-burdened IT departments and budgets.

IT departments can benefit from NuWiki, documenting utilities, processes and procedures, saving hundreds and even thousands of hours in research, often eliminating "re-inventing the wheel", where programs already exist.


Businesses and organizations are employing Wikis as a means of collaborative document and data management. Wikis can go a long way towards not only changing the mindset of the organization, but improving the bottom line as well.

Corporate Culture

It is imperative that the corporate culture be supportive of those contributing and those researching. Where managers actively support the efforts of team members contributing to a collective knowledge base, the benefits of collaboration can be quickly realized throughout the organization.

Long-term successful partnerships, long-term benefits

With a supportive culture, collaboration amongst the organization, its vendors and customers improves the potential for long-term, successful partnerships. Increased profitability results from lower training costs and reduced turnover, greater trust, fewer rejects, more efficient scheduling and efficiencies of scale as business grows with trusted partners.

Configuration options:

Extensive hosting, security, configuration, data integration and fail-safe options are available.


    Controls offered

    Fine granularity enables controls for project, user Class, or document class. Access can be granted or denied to specific document classes or named documents. Groups of users or individual users can be blacklisted or denied access during specifc dates and/or times.

    Authorship and the ability to read, make changes or only add notations can be controlled through protocol and configuration.

    Oversight facilities

    Oversight facilities enable focusing on any facet of any action performed at the database level by any user during any period of time, originating from any location.

    Tinker logs

    Tinker logs can be automatically forwarded via ftp or email.

    Change logs

    Change logs can be automatically forwarded according to a schedule of filters and triggers, via ftp or email, to your distribution list(s), satisfying internal and external reporting requirements.


    Confidentiality can be maintained for a variety of intellectual properties, reference materials and private documents segregated in a secure environment following established protocol.

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